Falconry Heritage Tour in Mongolia

There’s no doubt, falconry probably evolved in the steppes of Mongolia and Asia, and spread via cultural and trade links to other countries. We are happy to let you know that we still keeping this amazing heritage. And welcoming you to experience beautiful old tradition by yourself. This trip takes you journey back to 13 th century of Great Mongol Empire through ancient Falconry sport. When Chinggis Khaan were conquering the half of the world, Falcon was the anthem. That’s why, we invite you to understand the Great history, how falconry being influenced. You’ll visit the historical sites as 13 th century complex and Chinggis Khaan statue which is tallest horse-man statue in the world. Also we let you the most ideal falconry birding place Hustai National Park.

Trip Type: Falconry Tours
Duration: 6 Days
Price: $1756

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