Getting to Mongolia

How to travel to Mongolia

Planning your ideal trip to Mongolia, while often time consuming, is incredibly rewarding and fun. The secret to a successful trip itinerary lies in careful methodical planning which anyone can achieve, however daunting the prospect may seem at first.

There can be a myriad of questions that arise regarding what to do and in which order, stemming from how to juggle bookings and where to even start. When travel planning to Mongolia is done right, the whole process is smooth and seamless.


By Air or Train?

Are you wondering to how get to Mongolia from Europe, America, Asia or somewhere else?  The principal ways to Mongolia are by train and by air. Flights are run all year around by National carrier MIAT Mongolian Airlines to Europe: Berlin via Moscow, as well as to Beijing, Seoul, Tokyo and Irkutsk (Russia). Some additional flights are scheduled to Osaka and Nagoya during the summer time. Foreign Airlines such as Aeroflot, Air China, Korean-Air are operating flights connecting Ulaanbaatar with Moscow, Beijing and Seoul.

We have direct ticketing and booking service for trans-sib train tickets (one way, round and transfer) and airport ticket for you.


Mongolian Airlines luggage allowance

Business Class: Total weight of checked baggage up to 30 kg in all international flights.

Economy Class: Total weight of checked baggage up to 20 kg in all international flights and up to 10 kg in all domestic flights. Advance contacts and arrangements with MIAT are required for bulky baggage exceeding 32 kg in weight or 158 cm in three dimensions per one piece. Baggage exceeding free allowance may be carried if excess baggage charges are paid.

Carry-on baggage should be limited to one piece such as can be placed beneath the seat, or in the overhead baggage compartment and must not weigh more than 5 kg. The dimensions of carry-on baggage should not exceed an overall linear of 115 cm. Also each side should not exceed 55cm x 40cm x 20cm, including any baggage attachments such as handles, wheels, etc.. Personal belongings such as cameras, glasses, etc. may also be carried on in addition to the above limitation.


Mongolia Visa Info

If you are citizen of the following countries/ of Belarus, Brazil, Argentina, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Macao, Serbia, Ukraine, USA, Canada, Cuba, Germany, Israel, Japan, Laos, Malaysia, Russia, Thailand ,Turkey, Philippines, Singapore, Hong Kong/ , you are welcome and feel free to tour Mongolia without visa. And only diplomatic passport holders of nearly 30 countries also can travel Mongolia without visa. For more detailed info about Mongolia visa related info- read Our Traveler’s checklist.  Visa free travel countries to Mongolia are differed by stay of durations. So please check it and plan your travel to Mongolia be smart and accurate.


How to get Mongolia Visa?

If you are frequent traveler, you would definitely know about the pain of getting the visa. Sometimes, even though you plan an international trip, you are in situation to either postpone or cancel your trip. Except visa free countries, every visitor to Mongolia needs a visa. But you don’t need to worry about it. Visa Application process is very simple. If there is Mongolian embassy or Consulate in your country, you should complete application form and hand it at the embassy, with number of passport photos, your passport (with passport copies) and pay the fee. Download Mongolian visa application from here.


Mongolia visa on arrival

Mongolia visa on Arrival – the service is only intended for travelers who cannot normally obtain a visa at their originating point or no Mongolian consular conventions in their home country.

The Mongolian Immigration office requests that travelers wishing to obtain a visa on arrival should email that office in advance of their arrival providing their full name, date of birth, citizenship, passport number and expiry date and arrival date, time and flight number. Only when you receive an invitation from the Immigration Office, you can get the visa on arrival at the airport in UB.

If you choose us your travel partner in Mongolia, we will give you visa supports and stress free travel for you.

Please keep in mind that if you want to get Mongolian visa on arrival, you have to enter the country only by air at Chinggis Khan Airport, not any other border point of entry to Mongolia


Travel Insurance and Medication

Maybe, you may think alike- Do I have to get travel insurance to Mongolia? Probably no matter where you’re going or how long, travel insurance is essential. You should choose most suitable travel insurance for yourself in your home country and decide to get fully or separately covered for your trip in Mongolia.

Your travel in Mongolia may not go wrong and travel insurance can provide you peace of mind.  As responsible travel expert in Mongolia, all our tours and cars are fully insured for your safety and trouble free travel around the country.

Unlike African or other tropical countries, there are no risks or concern about disease in Mongolia- actually it is almost safe –area. However, please don’t forget to visit your doctor or travel medicine clinic at least week ago before starting your trip in Mongolia.

Mongolian pharmacists may be unfamiliar with American or your used brand names, so you may have to use the generic name instead. Before you leave, ask your doctor for a list of the precise generic names of your medications, and the names of equivalent medications.

It's best to take a full supply of any medications and nonprescription medications such as vitamins or supplements with you which they may not be available in the same form you’re used to.


Mongolia Travel Sim-card and Data

Are you worrying about disconnection with your family and friends during your trip in Mongolia?

We offer you prepaid travel sim card with data which allow you to use internet for your social media, work and make calls to your family and friends around globe. However, keep in mind, there are some specific regions where have no internet and mobile connections in Mongolia. As optional service, we offer travel sim card and data packages which cover lowest international and domestic calls and text rate to our customers.


Mongolia Mobile Usable Applications

For your smart travelling with smartphones in Mongolia and in order to prevent high internet bills, we are here to suggest you some applications that work both online and offline.

Mongolian offline Maps, Mongolian Travel Guide, Ulaanbaatar Map and walks applications can help you to find your ways around Ulaanbaatar. And MIAT-Mongolian Airlines Applications can show you more detailed information about flight schedule and booking.

If you want speak basic Mongolian conversation with local people while travelling, Simply Learn Mongolian applications is free there for you. 


When to Visit Mongolia

Decided on travelling to Mongolia and searching for when is the best time to travel? When to travel Mongolia will depend entirely on your personal interests: be it more at discovering unique nomadic life, attending cultural events and festivals as Naadam festival or Golden Eagle Festival, hiking, riding adventure of camel and horse or even yak and reindeer, a healthy dose of sunshine or a glimmer of autumnal gold, feeling taste of freedom on endless steppe and exploring winter life of herders.

Of course, we’ll help you make the right decision to explore this incredibly exotic destination in the world which will leave you much more than just adventure.

If you like the culture and the beauty of nature, the ideal season to travel in Mongolia starts from May and hits its highest peak in July, during the Naadam holiday- highlight festival of Mongolia, and in July and August the weather is most favorable for travelling. Interested in more detailed information to visit specific Mongolian travel destinations and weather info – read our travel article - The Best time to travel Mongolia. 


Best Ways to Get Around Mongolia

Authentic, discovering, inspiring, local and unbelievably beautiful, nomadic adventure tour will open your eyes and give uncommon feelings about life you used to.

Interact meaningfully with communities, pick the brains of our trusted local guides, stay in nomadic families and travel with a group of like-minded new mates. Your Mongolia Travel doesn't get much better than this.


What to Pack

Download film on your phone, or keep digital camera batteries on hand. Do you have the right plug-in adapter for Mongolia? How about gear for the weather? A guidebook? A language book? What will make your trip go off without a hitch?

Traveling in a car? Read a book and things to do. A CD on tape about a road trip or your specific Mongolian destinations will be great to get you in the mood. Good music is a must, too

For more detailed info read about- what to pack for Mongolia.



Let Us Help You Plan Your Mongolia Trip

We’ve been building our team for over 10 years, handpicking our team of Mongolia specialists, managers, guides, drivers, and experiences throughout Mongolia.

As locals, we know the secret paths to stunning scenery, the hidden history, and the hidden gems and as travelers like you, we're lucky enough to have been round Mongolia a plenty of times. It's with this kind of unrivalled knowledge and exclusive partnerships with eco camps and lodges and local people around the Mongolia that we can always inspire you to create the ultimate experience, no matter what your budget is.

Our travel specialist, who can connect with you in English, French, Italy, German, Russia, Japan, China and Korea, are very glad to give you suggestions and guidance for your trip planning. They can tailor-make your trip according to your interests and requirements, and help to find the best time of year to go to Mongolia for you. For more detailed info about our team and travel specialist-click here.