Birding Spots Mongolia

Mongolia is one of the most important birding destinations in the world, with diverse ecosystems, deserts in the south, taiga forest in the north, grassland steppes in the east, high Altai Mountains and great lake depression in the west, semi steppes, grassland in the central area, make Mongolia a unique destination for bird lovers.

Located between Russian Federation and the People’s Republic of China, in the heart of Central Asia, Mongolia spans across the Siberian taiga, Euroasian steppes and the Gobi and deserts of Central Asia, in the watershed of the Arctic, Pacific, and Central Asian Internal Drainage basins. With its unique geography, ancient traditions of nomadic livestock herding, culture and customs, and sparse population, Mongolia is an important focal point in Eurasia for both sustainable and parallel existence of human and nature and the conservation of degraded ecosystems and endangered animal and plant speciesdonec adipiscing tristique risus.